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Q. How does the process work?

A. We collect the item(s) at your location and deliver to your customer the same day. We do not hold packages to be delivered next day. Bookings for delivery must be made at least two (2) days in advance. See “How to Book a Delivery” for more information.

Q. Where do you deliver?

A. We deliver nationwide. There are some restrictions on certain areas but we generally deliver everywhere….even Tobago!

Q. What are your delivery hours?

A. Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 4:00pm and Saturday – 9:00am to 2:00pm

Standard Delivery packages are collected between 8:00am to 10:30am and delivered between 11:00am and 4:00pm.

Q. Is same day delivery available?

A. Yes, same day delivery requests are available at an additional cost of $25.00 per delivery plus delivery fee. Requests must be made before 10:00 am on the same day.

Q. Is there a cut-off time to request next day delivery?

A. Yes, cut-off time for next day delivery requests is at 4:00 pm. There is no additional cost for next day delivery once booked before 4:00 pm. Bookings made after 4:00 pm incur an additional charge of $10.00 plus delivery fee.

Q. What is the T-Zone Area?

A. The T-Zone area lies between Chaguaramas to Arima and from Champ Fleurs to San Fernando.

Delivery Days

Delivery of specialty items excluding market produce and other perishable items are conducted everyday except Sunday for each zone.

Q. When are deliveries for the T-Zone and Pink Zone Areas?

Standard package deliveries are conducted everyday within the T-Zone and Pink Zone Areas.

T-Zone Areas – between Chaguaramas Boadwalk to Arima and Champ Fleurs to San Fernando

Pink Zone Areas

  • Barrackpore, Debe, Penal, Fyzabad, South Oropouche, Rousillac, La Brea, Santa Cruz, Maracas St Joseph
  • Cunupia (Chin Chin), Las Lomas, Brazil, San Rafael, Guanapo, Valencia, Palmiste
  • Arena Road, Preysal, Gran Couva, Piparo, New Grant, Princes Town, Indian Walk

Q. What is the schedule for Green Zone Delivery Days?

A. Green Zone Areas are located outside of the T-Zone and Pink Zone Areas. The delivery of standard packages in the Green Zone Area are conducted twice per week based on the following schedule:

Monday and Thursday

  • Vessigny, Vance River, Point Fortin, Cap-de-Ville, Erin, Palo Seco, Santa Flora, Siparia, Buenos Ayres

Tuesday and Friday

  • Talparo, Cumuto, Sangre Grande, Sangre Chiquito, Manzanilla Beach Facility, Fonrose, Rio Claro, Ecclesville, Tabaquite, Mayaro, Ortoire

Q. What is the schedule for Nationwide Delivery Days?

A. Nationwide Areas are located outside of the T-Zone, Pink and Green Zone Areas. The delivery of standard packages in the Nationwide Areas are conducted once per week based on the following schedule:

  • Monday – Cedros, Moruga
  • Wednesday – Guayaguare
  • Friday – Matura, Salybia, Toco

Booking Process

Q. How to Book a Delivery?

A. Steps to Book a Delivery:

  1. Select “Book Services” on the Home page
  2. Choose between Standard Delivery or Specialty Delivery options
  3. Select desired Date and Drop-off Time
  4. Enter Pick-Up and Drop-Off addresses. If address(es) does not appear on the Google Map enter the street name, area or closest landmark
  5. Enter all relevant contact information for sender and receiver of package including payment option for delivery
  6. Click “Book Now” and you’re done!

Q. How will I know if my booking went through?

A. Immediately after a booking is made you will receive a “Booking Received Successfully” email. This email will contain details of your delivery request, payment methods and, next day and same day policy. If you do not received these email please contact us at (868)-496-9985.

Q. Would I get a confirmation for my delivery request?

Yes. After your request has been vetted a “Booking Confirmation” email will be sent approving your delivery request. If you do not received these email please contact us at (868)-496-9985.

Q. I’ve noticed that only the drop-off time can be selected. How will I know when the package will be collected?

A. The day before delivery is to be made an email will be sent indicating the Delivery Pick-Up Time. Generally, packages are collected between 1 to 3 hours before drop-off time.

Q. How will I know if my customer received their package?

A. Upon delivery of the package you will receive a “Delivery Completed” email. Now you can relax and check delivery off your To-Do list!

Rates & Fees

Q. What are your delivery rates?

A. Our rates are based on the type of items and the location for delivery:

Standard Rates

T-Zone Areas – $35.00 per delivery for packages less than 20 lbs

Pink Zone Areas – $35.00 per delivery for packages less than 20 lbs

Green Zone Areas – $50.00 per delivery for packages less than 20 lbs

Nationwide – $50.00 per delivery for packages less than 20 lbs.

Standard Specialty Rates

Standard Specialty Rates are applied to our T-Zone Areas ONLY. This include market produce/other perishable items, small baked goods, floral bouquets, fruit arrangements and balloon bouquets.

Market Produce/Other Perishable Items

Market produce, frozen and chilled products – $45.00

Baked Goods (pastries, cupcakes, macarons, donuts, cookies)

Small Baked Goods (less than 3 dozens) – $50.00
Medium Baked Goods (4 to 8 dz) – $95.00
Large Baked Goods (9 to 14 dz) – $150.00

Floral Arrangements

Small Floral Bouquet (less than 3 dozens) – $65.00
Medium Floral Bouquet (4 to 6 dz) – $100.00
Large Floral Bouquet (7 to 9 dz) – $175.00

Fruit Arrangements

Small Fruit Bouquet – $60.00
Medium Fruit Bouquet – $75.00
Large Fruit Bouquet – $100.00

Balloon Bouquets

Small Balloon Bouquet (3 balloons or less) – $50.00
Medium Balloon Bouquet (4 to 6 balloons) – $65.00
Large Balloon Bouquet (7 to 10 balloons) – $75.00

Specialty Rates

Specialty deliveries are based on the per kilometer distance for delivery of cakes, baked goods, floral and fruit arrangements. Rates depend of item and location of delivery.

Examples of estimated delivery fees:

Port of Spain to Mt Hope – $60.00

Port of Spain to Chaguanas – $70.00

Chaguanas to San Fernando – $77.00

Diego Martin to Arima – $85.00

Arima to San Fernando – $100.00

Q. Do you provide bulk/grouped delivery rates?

A. Yes we do! Our bulk delivery is applied as a monthly package for Standard Delivery, Floral Arrangements and Small Baked Goods. Please email us at services@conciergeexpresstt.com for package information.

Q. What are your errand rates?

A. Our errand rates start at $100.00 per hour. Check out “Our Services” to see what we offer.


Q. How is payment made?

A. Payment for delivery can be made by credit card or online bank transfer. Delivery payment must be made the day before collection of the package(s).


Concierge Express reserves the right to cancel a service request if payment is not made before the day of executing the service.

Q. Do you accept Cash-On-Delivery (COD)?

A. Yes! However, we collect a maximum limit of $500.00 cash per delivery. Payments greater than $500.00 can be collected by cheque or via our mobile Linx system (credit card payments incur a 3% charge). All payment collection methods incurs a service fee of $5.00.

Q. How do I receive the payment collected from my customer?

A. Payments collected will be transferred every Tuesday and Friday via online transfer. A copy of transfer will be emailed to you. Please note that different banks have varying duration for transfer to be completed ie. for payment to appear in your account. Banking information can be provided upon requesting our payment collection service.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that life happens and you may need to cancel a confirmed booking. In this regard, cancellations requests must be provided in writing and submitted via email to service@conciergeexpresstt.com. Once a cancellation request is received the below charges will be applied.

Cancellation requests within 48 hours of the date for execution of a service will receive a full refund of the service fee.

Next Day (the date before execution of service) cancellations will incur the following charges of the service payment:

  • Standard Delivery cancellation charge – $20.00
  • Standard Specialty cancellation charge – $40.00
  • Specialty Delivery cancellation charge – $50.00

Same day (the date for execution of a service) cancellations will incur a 75% charge of the service fee.

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